Accelerating Climate Change

We need leaders who acknowledge science and join the rest of the world in reducing greenhouse gases.

Gun Control

Keep your guns. Let's control the sale of ammunition just as we control the sale of Mucinex.

Get Big Money out of Politics

Overturn Citizens United.

Universal Health Care

Because medicine should be a public service. It was never meant to be an industry. Shareholders have no place in our healthcare.

Restore the Worker's Right to Collective Bargaining

Because it's good for business. Employees who have a voice are more apt to take and interest in the success of the business, be it public or private.

Restore Funding to our Public Schools

Our schools are the centers of our communities. Out children are our future.

Restore Local Control to our Communities

We have a better understanding of our own needs than do the anonymous "special interests".

Protect Everyone's Right to Vote

Anything that stands in the way of a person's right to vote is just plain wrong.

Create Jobs

Support small business and entrepreneurship. Expand access to high-speed internet and cell phone.